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A Little Extra Time to Be Thankful

It’s November, a time of papers, projects, and…pumpkin pie? When you’re in college, sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up in everything that’s coming due. It makes the rest of the semester feel like relatively easy cruising, and then suddenly you’re going over the river and through...
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Find Your Passion

So…it’s after midterms. Right now, you probably feel some combination of fear, panic, stress, and sleep-deprivation. A lot of us have probably asked ourselves (or our roommates) why we do this. What is the point of midterms? Why are we in all these classes? Okay, I don’t have answers...
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Froyo and Fun

What could be cooler than some awesome frozen yogurt? (Cool? Frozen? See what I did there?) Going to go get froyo with your collegian! I’m in the Kappa Omega Rho Warhawks, established 2014. Yeah, we’re one of the new kids on the block, but we’re...
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The Daily Grind

Wake up, room job, class dress, class, last-minute homework, chapel, lunch, class, class, papers for daaaayzzzz. Sound familiar? Probably. If you’re anything like me, or anybody else I know, your day is packed. I think I’ve probably been to late night study hall 80% of the time it’s...
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