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Chill Out

Yay, we're finally home! We just finished finals and a whole semester of work, including both academic work and for some of us on-campus work. We are mentally and emotionally just...tired. Yet somehow, we're still going to have to work or visit a million family members, which takes time, and maybe you just don't have the motivation at the moment. We have to go to doctor appointments, or we have to go hunt down jobs. There are a million things we have to do, and sometimes it feels like there isn't a break there.

Guys...just take a moment to chill out. Even if you have to schedule them, schedule lazy days. It's easy to get caught up in what you have to do and what everybody wants you to do, but don't forget that sometimes you just need time to relax.

What are your relaxation plans for this break? Comment to let us know!

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