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When Memory Fails: 3 To-Do-List Tricks To Cut Stress

We all have different methods of keeping track of things: homework, schedules, your closet, etc. Everyone has a system—even if that system is chaos. Before college, I believed I could keep it together best amid chaos. I trusted my own memory to make sure everything got done. However, I’ve discovered my poor memory can’t always be trusted, and a terrifying […]

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English Please?
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English, Please?

Learning a new language is challenging. You have to rewrite how your brain processes the written word and spoken words. I took Spanish in high school and wanted to try something different in college. French is definitely different.

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5 Tips fo Education Majors
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From Zero to Hero: 5 Tips for Education Majors

Your whole life you’ve been the student. And you still are—but now, the tables are turning. As an education major, more and more teaching opportunities present themselves, training you to one day take on the responsibilities of a teacher. It wasn’t until two semesters ago that I started seeing myself as a teacher. Occasionally, I would teach at PCA for […]

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