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Finance Club: 3 Reasons Business Majors Won’t Regret Coming

Guest post by senior Evan McCracken

You're already in a collegian.

Why join a student-run academic club?

They each have different benefits, but today I'll share the top three reasons business majors shouldn't miss out on Finance Club.

1.) Networking

As college students, we often get caught up in our friend groups and forget that our careers depend on those outside the organization just as much as those that are still in college.

Depending on your personality, networking probably isn’t at the top of your priority list, but there's no denying that your career success can greatly depend on those who you network with! According to a study recently conducted by LinkedIn, nearly 85% of jobs are filled through networking. [1]

At a recent Business Career Connection hosted by the Finance Club, Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, Regions Bank, and Navy Federal Credit Union met with students and exchanged business cards for résumés. Some of the connections from this event have already resulted in job interviews!

2.) Résumé Feedback

As college students, it's difficult to fit our extensive work experience into a one-page document and pick from the many previous job positions that we have held...

Is this typically the issue? More than likely, most students struggle to fill a whole page because of limited experience.

Résumés are not only difficult to efficiently present but also to differentiate from the thousands of other résumés recruiters are receiving.

Résumés are your first impression on employers, and they’re typically only viewed for 8–10 seconds before a decision is made to interview or move on to other candidates.[2]

This first impression is crucial to your career, so why have an average resume?

Come to Finance Club for an awesome opportunity to receive feedback on your résumé and career-path choices.

3.) Professional Advice

PCC's faculty is an awesome resource for professional advice about our careers. Career Services also has several tools available to students graduating soon.

These are great resources, and Finance Club gives you another one: opinions from professionals in your field of interest. Their advice can help you make some of the vital decisions that come during or soon after your undergraduate career.

The Finance Club typically invites 1 to 2 external speaker(s) per semester to speak directly with students interested in advancing their careers. This is an opportunity for you to connect with potential mentors—and you'll find that the attendees are extremely qualified for mentorship.

For example, the youngest advisor at the recent Business Career Connection was Merrill Lynch's Dominic Casanueva, who's received the following accolades:

  • Baron’s “Top 1200 Financial Advisors,” 2018
  • Forbes “Best-in-State Wealth Advisors,” 2018
  • Forbes/Shook “America’s Top Next-Generation Wealth Advisors” list, 2017, 2018
  • and Financial Times “Top 401 Retirement Plan Advisors” list, 2015, 2016, 2017.[3]

Casanueva was one of six business professionals in attendance at that Business Career Connection.

If you're a business major, join Finance Club. It'll bring you unique opportunities, and you won’t regret it.

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