Staying on Campus for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is upon us. The weather is cooling down, Christmas music has started on our playlists, we’ve brought out the sweaters and jackets, thoughts of family and home make us complacent, and we’re ready for a break. I hope you’re able to enjoy Thanksgiving break at home, but some of us will have to stay here for Thanksgiving. I know—it’s […]

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Only the Beginning of the Adventure

Guest post by freshman Natalie Wilkerson

When I first arrived, checked in, and settled into my dorm, I felt lost in a huge campus of tall, imposing buildings; clueless as to where to go and what to do next; and puny among all the confident-looking college students traversing the campus’s many sidewalks.

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From a Senior

We all have those moments we would've done differently if we'd only known better. Maybe the weather wasn’t quite what you were expecting it to be, and you left your umbrella behind during a monsoon. Or there was a detail you missed on that rubric for an assignment. Or maybe you just missed the assignment altogether. Learning from our mistakes can be […]

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Ultimate Study Hacks

Studying is undoubtedly one of the toughest things about college. You must do it, yet you really-really-don’t want to. Personally, I hate studying, usually because I end up looking at one book for hours on end, knowing in the back of my head that I really need to be studying something else.  I have never enjoyed the long hours that […]

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Getting Along With Your Roommates

Living with roommates isn’t easy. It’s one of the first things we discover as college freshmen. Sometimes even before we discover the Sports Center or Varsity chocolate chip cookies.  Since coming to PCC, I’ve had eight roommates total.  Each one was very different from the other—and all of them were different from me.  Different isn’t always a bad thing—in fact, […]

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