How to Fake Confidence
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How to Fake Confidence in a Speech

It’s Tuesday morning, and you’re on your way to SP 101 to give your demonstration speech. You have your visual aids, and you have your paperwork, but there’s one problem—you’re not ready. Maybe over the weekend, you were swamped with higher-priority projects, or maybe you were just being lazy. Either way, you’re just not ready. Most of us have been […]

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5 Steps to Memorizing Bible Verses

Memorizing Scripture is a big part of academics here at PCC. A good quiz grade in any Bible class can be decided by just a few words in a verse. So knowing a verse word for word is a great boost for you both academically and spiritually. I’ve found five simple steps that work for me when I memorize Scripture. […]

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Academics Growth
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Write Now

Sometimes, I really don’t like writing. I know, sounds funny, doesn’t it? A writing major that doesn’t like to write. Well, I love being a writer. But writing? It’s complicated. I used to spend hours staring at a blank page or screen just waiting for inspiration to strike. Other times I’d completely overthink my topic and fear the idea wouldn’t […]

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Academics College Life Growth
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I, Pinus contorta

I normally said it with a snort or a stupid grin. It’s a joke sometimes. “I’m gonna die here.” Other times, I said it as I leaned back in my chair, hands in my hair, moaning at my homework smeared with too many eraser marks, “I am gonna die here!” I found myself being the bitterest person on campus. Because […]

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5 Apps to Make Your College Career a Little Easier

As a college student, you probably own some electronic device. Or two. Or three. You may even have gotten into a debate at the dinner table over Apple versus Microsoft. And you’ve probably been tempted to throw your roommate’s phone out of the window after its thirteenth snooze alarm at 6:00 a.m. on a Sunday (even though your roommate doesn’t […]

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