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5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Collegian Experience

Even though it was over a year ago, I vividly remember feeling nervous at my freshman Greek Rush. Everybody I spoke to had hyped up Greek Rush to be this life-defining moment where I join the people I would identify with for the rest of my college experience.

I was certain that a wrong decision would ruin the next four years of my life.

To a certain extent, this is true—not that this decision would “make or break” college, but that your collegian drastically influences your college experience if you let it.

I submit that it’s less about which collegian you pick and more about how you treat the collegian you pick. Here are five tips for making the most of your collegian experience:

1.) Attend the Events

This one is important. If you want to really get to know your collegian brothers or sisters, then simply attending the meetings isn’t enough.

Your Athletic Director is always talking about upcoming sports games, but when was the last time you actually attended one and made a sign to cheer your team on? What about that collegian Bible study that meets every week?

From STAG to study groups to simply hanging out at Bagelheads, there are countless opportunities to connect with your collegian. So grab a friend and make plans to attend your next collegian event!

2.) Try Your Hand at a New Sport

Playing sports is one of the easiest and most fun ways to grow closer with your brothers or sisters! The teamwork you build will bring you closer than you’ve ever been. I’m no star athlete, but the memories I made and the friendships I found playing basketball and volleyball with my sisters are some that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Volleyball, basketball, and soccer are the most popular collegian sports, but have you ever considered trying broom hockey or table tennis? What about rock climbing?

If you’re nervous about trying a brand-new sport, consider this: chances are, you won’t ever get the chance for competitive rock climbing again, so seize the opportunity!

3.) Have a Good Attitude During Meetings

Collegian meeting is definitely the easiest place to get to know your collegian family. I met my now-roommate and one of my best friends in my very first collegian meeting, and I’ve made countless friends in the meetings since.

The easiest way to show a good attitude is by being responsive during the meeting. Sing out during worship time and make a joyful noise with your brothers or sisters! As a past collegian chorister, I can testify that it really is encouraging to hear your sisters worshiping God with open hearts together.

Having a good attitude can also mean something as simple as smiling at your officers when they’re up there speaking. Lots of time goes into preparing those meetings, so show appreciation to your officers by having a good attitude.

4.) Volunteer

I don’t just mean doing Christian Service with your collegian, even though that definitely counts.

Volunteering is signing up to drive people to a collegian event. I personally love doing this because I’ve gotten the chance to get to know some of my Hurricane sisters that I never would have met if I didn’t volunteer to drive.

Or if you’re a town student, you could open up your home for your next collegian party. Maybe your collegian is putting together an ensemble and they need more members. Or maybe you got nominated for an officer position.

Whatever the case, choose to show your collegian you care by volunteering to give of your time, talents, and resources.

5.) Wear Your Collegian Clothes

This is a great way to show collegian pride, on and off campus. When you wear collegian clothes, it’s almost like saying “I’m proud to be a ______!”

I know, not all collegian clothing is class approved, but you can wear your hoodies! And at this time of year, hoodies are the way to go anyway. I wear mine almost every day—it’s so comfy! So pull out your collegian hoodie and wear it to class. You can also sport your collegian pride by picking up other collegian merch from the Campus Store.

There you have it—five tips to make the most out of your collegian.

Whether you’re just starting out as a freshman collegian member, or you’re a veteran getting ready to say goodbye in May, I hope these tips will encourage you to seize opportunities to get to know your collegian family better and flourish in your collegian.

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