Lies Freshmen Believe Part 3
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Lies Freshmen Believe: Part 3

You’ve made it to the final lie! So far, we’ve talked about friends and majors, but maybe those are things you haven’t really struggled with. Today, we’re gonna talk about a lie that everybody has fallen for, at one point or another. “I don’t have time for my devotions today; I have too many quizzes to study for!” I find […]

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Lies Freshmen Believe Part 2
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Lies Freshmen Believe: Part 2

Yesterday, we looked at Lie #1 and learned some great truths about friendships and college. Today, we’re going to talk about your major, and how it affects “the rest of your life.” “I have to figure out my major now because it’s going to determine the rest of my life!” Okay. There are actually two lies hidden in this statement. […]

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Lies Freshmen Believe Part 1
College Life Growth
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Lies Freshmen Believe: Part 1

You’ve been waiting years for this. All those years of high school paid off, and you finally made it to college, ready for “the best years of your life.” But when you got here, you quickly realized that everything isn’t as perfect as you expected it to be. You’re disappointed and even a little bit discouraged. Chances are, you’ve unknowingly […]

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