College Life

The Daily Grind

Wake up, room job, class dress, class, last-minute homework, chapel, lunch, class, class, papers for daaaayzzzz. Sound familiar? Probably. If you’re anything like me, or anybody else I know, your day is packed. I think I’ve probably been to late night study hall 80% of the time it’s been available so far this semester. (Also, I don’t recommend doing that. Sleep is important. I slept in a little today, and it was amazing.)

But in the stress of the day between classes, homework, projects, papers, actual work, or anything else, I find some time to unwind. The Common Grounds, whether to drink some delicious specialty coffee or just to hang out with friends, is my little haven on campus. I love to hear the machines brew and churn, to smell the Kenya or Sumatra come steaming out of a cup. I love just getting to lounge in a big, comfy chair to read a book or gather in a circle to talk with friends. In the midst of my daily grind, I get some relaxation at the Common Grounds.

Where is your unwind spot? Let us know! I may just have to check it out.

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