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My Last Greek Rush. . . with a shocking twist.

#PCCGreekRush 2017 was awesome! Look at the school's Facebook or Instagram page to get photos of the highlights!

Now what happened after the parade, sirens, and hoopla was something I did not expect.

(Before I begin, #CrownTown #Friendship to my Delta Pi Kings.)

After helping to tear down and clean my collegian's booth, my roommate, my friend, and I decided to get some After-Rush dinner. Because of our busy schedules, we weren't able to eat dinner earlier. We decided to go to Sonic together (it was my first time). I figured this is how you end a tiring evening of festivities, parades, and serenades: an evening in a minivan with your friends eating junk food. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

Something went horribly wrong. Murphy's law had another thing in mind. As my roommate turned the ignition, the car awkwardly sputtered loudly. We shared wide-eyed, tucked-lipped expressions at each other. WELP! The car's broken--again.

I called friends to help us in our time of need. When help did arrive, no one knew how to work jumper cables. Sure, we knew you connect the clips on the battery nodes, but when sparks started shooting out the batteries on our three attempts, we knew we were doing something wrong. This wasn't going to stop us, for we had a powerful ally: Google.

But we didn't Google right away. After a few more sparks and fails, we finally looked up "how to jump start a car." We followed the directions of the process meticulously; then, our car finally sputtered to life. My roommate proudly roared his minivan's V6 engine (sorry, we're poor college students). Subconsciously, we all remembered the rudimentary principle of high school: when in doubt, Google it out. That lesson carries into college life, from researching papers to cleaning techniques to jump starting a van. Indeed, this educational and electrifying evening ended my last #PCCGreekRush.


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