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A Force Stronger than Coffee

A long time ago in a college far far away . . . Project Season is here! After chugging all those liters of coffee and calling your home churches to pray for you during midterms, Project Season has arrived! But before we get into that, Breathe. Take this moment to recollect...
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The Cycle of Procrastination

Semester is in full gear, and midterms are about to slap us right in the face. While midterms sneak up on you, you also forgot about that quiz or paper due on the same day. Ai a day as they say on the island of Guam. As a senior...
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Why Life Works

Physics, physics, physics, physics, physics, physics-- the science of theory. While physics does comprise laws, physics exists for the purpose of theory--or why things happen. After high school, I believed that physics was merely algebra and trigonometry in action--nay nay. If you believe that, don't! It's a trap! Physics is...
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