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I’ll admit: I’m cruisin’. Today's the day I’ll be going home! I’ve been counting down everything. How many days I have left, how many hours of those days, how many more meals at Four Winds, how many more times I’ll go to Sunday school—it’s a heady thought.

But in the middle of this fast-paced cruise toward the end of the semester, my family came to visit me and took me on a literal cruise. And guess what? We saw dolphins.

We’d been out on the water for over an hour, our eyes glued to the waves, trying not to get excited over every white cap that looked like a fin, and I’d just about given up hope. I mean, you can’t have everything, right? That was when our tour guide happened to glance behind our boat where a pod of baby dolphins were frolicking in the wake of our boat.

It was like the frame shifting in a cartoon as we all deserted the bow and raced to the back of the boat in one unanimous motion. We hadn’t found the dolphins: they’d found us!

So I guess that dolphin cruise meant a Saturday out in the sun with my family watching playful dolphins dance in our wake, but that cruise also made me leave the bow and look back, kind of like we looked out the back of the boat. Yeah, it’s easy to cruise right into graduation, but that’s if you keep standing at the bow of the boat.

Take a little trip to the stern and you’ll be surprised what you’ll find in your wake. When I looked back I saw many friends (new and old), hundreds of smiling memories, and a wealth of knowledge in my wake.

Who knows what you’ll find in yours if you just take a peek.

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