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Porch Lights

My family has the kind of front porch all good southern homes have. It wraps all the way around from one side of the house where the kitchen spills out onto a wooden deck, then merges into a long, narrow strip that runs the front of the house,...
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What I Never Expected to Gain from College

One day my roommate, Jocelyn, came into the room smelling strongly of hot grease after lunch with her brother. “Where in the world did you go for lunch?” I asked. “Five Guys,” she said. “Can you smell it?" “Yeah, you smell like you got tossed in with the fries.” For a...
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I’ll admit: I’m cruisin’. Today's the day I’ll be going home! I’ve been counting down everything. How many days I have left, how many hours of those days, how many more meals at Four Winds, how many more times I’ll go to Sunday school—it’s a heady thought. But in the middle of this fast-paced cruise toward...
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