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Beachy Keen

What is college about? Certainly studying, definitely finding a job, probably socializing a bit, but taking a break? What madness is this? Many of us come from states (and other countries!) where we don’t have the awesome beach access that is available in Pensacola. Did you know that Pensacola has been ranked by travel agencies as one of the best beach locations in the world? We have beautiful white sand, clear ocean water, and sunny, breezy days. In the midst of taking all of your classes this semester, don’t forget that God has blessed you with living in one of the most beautiful beach locations in the world. Here are some of my tips for enjoying the beach:

Go with a buddy: Okay, obviously we’ve all heard of the buddy system. Yes, it's for safety, but also what is more fun than spending time with your friends at the beach?!

Take plenty of water: This is a no-brainer for the summer, but often winter or spring beach goers forget that they still get dehydrated out there. Drink up!

Get breakfast to-go: I’ve known lots of groups to do this (and if you do props to you). If you get breakfast on the run and go to the beach before sunrise, you will get the most beautiful breakfast ever for a little food and gas money.

Bring a squeeze bottle and spare towel: Okay, pro-tip. Get back to your car and realize you still have sand stuck to you? Do you also realize it won’t get out of your interior? No fear, just use your squeeze bottle to flush sand off and dry with a sand free towel. You’re welcome.

Go out, take some friends, and enjoy a morning at the beach!

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