Phone Home

Last Sunday night during Pastor McBride’s message titled “Raising Children in a Post-Modern Age,” I was tempted to zone out. “I’m not a mom, and I need a few years before I even start thinking about that,” I told myself. “Besides, all I can think about right now is my Shakespeare test on Monday morning and my portfolio design due Tuesday, and who knows what after that.” My persuasion to myself complete, I leaned back prepared (I’m ashamed to say) to wrap myself in my own thoughts.

But the best part about listening to Pastor McBride is that it’s really hard to tune him out, so eventually I gave up and started listening. I’m so glad I did. Before I knew it, I was knee deep in parenting tips that seemed rock-solid, straight-from-the-Bible, and accurate.

The most surprising part was that even though I’m engaged and planning to have kids one day, I didn’t end up listening to the message while jotting down notes for my unlucky future children. Instead, I spent the entire time thinking about how wonderful my own parents are.

I think they woke up every day to Pastor McBride’s message playing over the alarm and raised us to be sons and daughters dedicated to living life in God’s power. And I would be pretty happy if I could achieve just a portion of my parents’ love for God, passion for people, and heart for adventure that they instilled in each of their six children.

That night, I knew I had to study for my three-essay Shakespeare test, but I had something important to do first.

It was time to phone home.

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