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New Faces

The old Palms Grille

Remember that time you came back from college and saw new people back home. Remember seeing those kids that you saw every day at junior church, now voice-cracking junior-highers. Remember thinking to yourself, “Man, I’m getting old.”

In a sense, everything became new again. Your mother had rearranged the house, your sister had touched your belongings, your imaginary friend had moved out (for those of you who are the only child).  Everything had a new face.

Students who have been here more than a semester experience the feeling of seeing new faces when they return to PCC. First-semester freshmen, don’t worry: you will experience this soon.

Some new faces include the new science faculty here at PCC. As a Biology major, this really excited me.  After the first week of classes, I noticed that these new teachers already have brought a fresh enthusiasm that only new teachers bring, kind of like when you buy a new pair of sneakers: nothing wrong with the old sneakers, it's just that your new shoes are... new.

The new Palms Grille!

Another new face is the new Palms Grille. Although the old one will be missed, the new one already seems to be packed every night with students. It’s fresh; it’s new. It makes upper-classmen say, “Man, I’m getting old,” or “Remember the fountain in the Palms?” The new Palms Grille brings a sensation of nostalgia and amazement at the same time for the students.

These are just a few of the many new faces that happened over the summer at PCC. What’s next in store? Forty-five-story residence halls, on-campus metro transit, perhaps an aviation class—although these probably won't happen, God has other new things in store for PCC.

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