The Right Place at the Right Time!

When I first decided to come to PCC, I wasn't planning to study Graphic Design. (To read more, visit "My Quest for the Third Question's Answer.") But, since I made the switch, I have been reassured in so many different ways that it's God's will that I be here studying Graphic Design.

1. I'm reassured that I'm studying in the right place.
PCC has a great art program with well-qualified, caring, and talented faculty. We're encouraged by the faculty and fellow students to create art that reflects the beauty of Christ and a biblical philosophy. And what better way to use art than to bring glory to the First Artist/Creator this world has ever known? If this purpose isn't reason enough to study here, then I'm reassured when I visit the senior and graduate art shows and see the great quality of art created on this campus. Even more so, I'm reassured when I read articles like this which show the kind of acknowledgements PCC students are receiving by masters completely unaffiliated with the college. When I see what others have done, I know that I too can be successful through my training here and through the Lord's strength.

2. I'm reassured that I'm studying at the right time.
This world needs Christians in the workplace even more now then ever. And, since we're becoming more and more attracted to media and design as a society, the world needs good Christian designers. One thing I struggled with before switching majors was choosing a career that can also be a ministry. Recently, I've begun to discover all the different ways a graphic design education creates opportunities for ministry. I'm doing an internship this summer with a Christian company, and I have been asked to design a shirt for the church summer camp I've been attending for nearly 10 years. I feel as though God is planning to use my education in graphic design to further His kingdom and bless people around me.

Maybe you're unsure of how God will choose to use you. Maybe you're unsure if He even can use your major as a ministry. I assure you that He can, and He will reveal to you His perfect plan in His perfect timing. If you make yourself available for God to use you, He will!

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