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Somewhere on a Beach

img_1036It is 5 A.M on a Saturday morning. Where are you? Well, I was walking down the stairs on my way to Varsity Terrace. Now I know y'all are thinking, "Alex! What possessed you to get up that early?" Well, I'll tell you. The beach. Now Pensacola has some of the...
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Wahoo for the Wahoos!!

Good food, good company, fireworks and baseball!!! Sounds like a great night, right? Well, you would be correct! Recently, my friend and I went on a student outing to the Blue Wahoos baseball game at their beautiful stadium on the water. The weather was perfect, and the food was even better! They had a fireworks show at...
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A week or two after arriving at PCC, all freshmen choose a collegian, which is a group of students who participate in several activities, sports, and service projects together. Each one has a set of Greek letters and a more conventional name. Mine is the Delta Psi Delta Raiders, which is properly pronounced as a pirate...
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