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Members Only Outing?

I joined my collegian freshman year for one reason: those Sabre girls at the booth during Greek Rush were just plain fun. No fake smiles, no "you have to rock at sports to be here," just excitement and camaraderie.

And the best part about it was that it only got better from there! At the opening party, I got to meet our wonderful collegian chaplain, Jess, who became one of my good friends. No matter what I did with the Sabres, which varied from volleyball to helping with Greek Rush, I met more and more girls who were concentrated on unity and teamwork as a collegian.

Spring semester's outing was definitely the highlight of the year, though. We drove up to Camp o' the Pines to have a pizza party, zip-line (in the dark- with glow sticks! Yah, it was pretty awesome), and have a time of testimony and encouragement. We were away from school for a night, enjoying our time together as girls, and making memories I'll never forget!

This semester my collegian is planning a similar collegian outing--can't go wrong with zip-lines!--and I can't wait to go! Too often we don't know what the whole "members only" outing is all about, but I'm here to tell you not to miss out. Your collegian is what you make it, so jump in and make your collegian all it can be.

Spring semester is going to be tough for a lot of us. We all have busy schedules and priorities that take most of our time and focus. But don't forget that it is good to de-stress and have a little fun sometimes. I'd encourage you to give your collegian outing a try--you may be surprised how much fun you'll have!

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