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A week or two after arriving at PCC, all freshmen choose a collegian, which is a group of students who participate in several activities, sports, and service projects together. Each one has a set of Greek letters and a more conventional name. Mine is the Delta Psi Delta Raiders, which is properly pronounced as a pirate would do it, with a hearty "Arrrr!"

As I mentioned before, students participate in several activities through their collegian. Collegians compete in several sports over the course of the year: soccer and volleyball in the fall (My own Rrrrrraiders are going for a three-peat in volleyball this year), and softball, basketball, and flag football in the spring.

We also get to participate as a team in service projects, such as the PCC Blood Drive earlier this month, and each year we go on a collegian members-only outing. (We Rrrrrraiders enjoyed an all-you-can-eat meal at a Brazilian steakhouse and then some sports and a bonfire at West Campus for our outing this semester.)

For those of you who are already here, I encourage you to get involved in your collegian. You can meet some great friends, have fun, and enjoy fellowship. For those of you looking at coming here in the future, you have a lot of fun to look forward to, no matter which collegian you choose. (Nevertheless, I recommend the Rrrrrraiders.)

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