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A Force Stronger than Coffee

A long time ago in a college far far away . . . Project Season is here! After chugging all those liters of coffee and calling your home churches to pray for you during midterms, Project Season has arrived! But before we get into that, Breathe. Take this moment to recollect...
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Find Your Passion

So…it’s after midterms. Right now, you probably feel some combination of fear, panic, stress, and sleep-deprivation. A lot of us have probably asked ourselves (or our roommates) why we do this. What is the point of midterms? Why are we in all these classes? Okay, I don’t have answers...
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The Extra Mile

So midterms are over! Now, be real with me for a minute. Looking back, how much effort did you put into studying? How much effort did you put into your performances, your verses, or your projects? Flash back to freshman year, and you’ll find me hardly putting out anything....
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