Finals Countdown
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The Finals Countdown

Everyone seems to be asking, “How many days until Christmas break?”

I don’t know… (or I didn’t until my sister told me. Apparently, she’s counting, even if I’m not.)

This campus is great. It really is. You’ve got just about everything a college student could need: a great group of friends and amazing roommates, the food isn’t that bad, and you have the perfect bed setup combining personality and comfort.

But. . .

It’s still not home. You’re away from your family. Nothing beats Mom’s cooking, and as nice as your bed may be, it’s not exactly private.

I totally get being homesick. I miss my family, and I miss Colorado. But it’s so easy to get hung up on what you’re missing there, that you don’t realize you’re actually missing some great opportunities right here.

I could tell you all the things you can do to remind you of home, like putting up pictures and pulling out the fuzzy blankets, but I’m sure you’re more of an expert on that than I can ever be. Everyone has different ways of achieving that homey feeling.

Instead, I want to remind you that it’s okay to enjoy not being home. I think it’s important to take advantage of where you are instead of wishing you were somewhere else.

Here, you get to make a lot of decisions for yourself. What classes to take, when and where to eat, whether or not to sleep (although at a certain point your body makes that decision for you). You’re living on your own schedule. At home, you may have to drive younger siblings around, work longer hours, or be home in time for dinner.

It’s okay to like that it’s something different.

I used to dwell on how much I missed my Rocky Mountains and the drier air and lower temperatures. That was home to me. Now, being in Florida, the land is flatter, the air is humid, and the days are hotter. But it’s a change of scenery. I’ve learned to appreciate the differences here. I finally have experience using an umbrella. I’ve learned to get more creative with what to do on those especially humid bad hair days. I can enjoy the bright flowers and warmer weather longer. And I don’t have to shovel snow until I go back home.

I’ve made some great friends that I only see when I’m here. We’ve had some crazy experiences that never would have happened anywhere else. If being on campus means I get to share this time with them, that definitely makes it better.

This is where God wants me right now. I can rest assured that every day here is worth it because I’m working toward the greater plan He has for me.

As this semester is ending, try not to “wish the semester away.” It’s going to fly by so fast, and you’ll be left wondering where all the time went to actually enjoy college.

Don’t worry, Christmas will still come, even if you aren’t counting down the days.

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