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How to PASS Pre-registration

Pre-registration is here! Which means that the end of the semester is near . . . which means that we won’t have assignments . . . which means—

Wait! I have to pre-register!

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like inside my mind, you just got a peek. My mind races at this time of the semester (with good reason). Pre-registration never fails to excite me! But I have failed at one thing when it comes to pre-registration.

I’ve failed to PASS.

I’ve failed to Plan, Ask, Schedule, and Share.

I’ve failed to plan in that I never looked at my course of study and tweaked it to fit my schedule. I didn’t look at what classes were available for certain semesters. I didn’t look at what classes I needed as prerequisites.

I’ve failed to ask. I should’ve asked what certain classes were like. I should’ve asked to see how heavy of a project load I would have with certain classes. I should’ve asked more questions.

I’ve failed to schedule wisely. I still do. But I’ve made a few great discoveries from my failures.

  1. Schedule a free hour after an 8 a.m. class. That way, you can do your room job, print a huge document, or anything else that you need to do!
  2. Schedule heavier TR days rather than heavier MWF days. That way, you feel like you have more time to breathe during the week. (And you can stay awake in church on Wednesdays.)
  3. Try to make chapel your first activity of the day. If you need a morning to sleep in or finish an assignment, this tip is for you!

There are other great discoveries about scheduling, but these three have contributed to a great semester before. I’m definitely applying these to my pre-registration schedule if I can!

Last, I’ve failed to share. I’ve finalized my schedule without sharing it with my friends. I’ve finalized it without sharing it with my teachers. By sharing your plans, you can get valuable input from others.

Try to PASS pre-registration before finalizing your schedule. That way, you can make any needed changes now rather than later. If you wait until next semester, you may risk forgetting the changes you were supposed to make.

Take it from a weathered senior writing major: your schedule highly affects the course of your semester!


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