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4 Ways to Branch Out at College

One month into my first semester of college I had only had three friends.

My sister, and my two suitemates.

Now, I’m not saying that’s bad or I didn’t enjoy my time with them! But I wasn’t branching out. I literally just had to walk through the bathroom to make those friends. And my sister already knew one of them so it was barely any effort.

I was nervous about making other friends. What if I tried and they didn’t like me?

And then, I took a leap.

A girl I’d asked to tutor me invited me to dinner with some people she’d just met. I remember I considered refusing. But I decided to throw caution to the wind and I went. Guess what? I met the guy that has now been my boyfriend for over three years at that dinner. I also met the girl that is still my best friend to this day. And I stayed with that friend group I met at that dinner all four years they were here.

How big a difference one little leap can make.

Over my years at college I’ve thought about that time again and again and how different my life might be if I had said no. And since then I’ve always tried to remember that branching out and at least giving something a shot is always better than not trying at all. So I wanted to encourage you to just go for it! Here are a couple ways I’ve found to do that.

1.) Classes

Trust me, I know it’s scary to try to make friends in your classes. I was the only girl in more engineering classes than I can count and I was terrified to talk to anyone at first. Over time though I made friends with some of the guys, and I never regretted making those friends 🙂 My classes would have been dull as a brick sometimes without them! Not to mention that since you spend a lot of time in your classes, knowing your classmates makes it much easier to get through each day.

2.) Campus Church

There are so many opportunities for students at the Campus Church. I worked in 3-year-olds one semester and those little balls of energy were a blessing to me every Sunday. The experience changed my perspective of Campus Church from a place that was just a part of my campus, to an actual church. There is kids church, Master Clubs, College Choir, orchestra, and on and on. Put your talents to use and be a much- appreciated blessing at the same time.

3.) Collegian

I’m not a huge leadership type of person, but, I ended up being secretary of my collegian twice, and it was a blast both times! It definitely is nerve-wracking, but go for it! The past couple years, I’ve mostly just played sports, gone on outings, helped out randomly, and gotten to know the girls on my collegian. And let me tell you, they are some of the sweetest girls I’ve ever met (Go Bengals!!!)!

4.) Courtesy

Just be courteous to the random people around you--this one may sound weird but trust me on it. Complement that random girl’s shirt. It might make her day, and the smile on her face afterward might make yours 🙂 Make small talk with people. It sounds like such a small thing, but there are girls I’ve met in elevators that I still say hello to every time I see them. You never know who could become a friend!

I know it seems simple, but I feel like we forget about a lot of these things in the rush of college.

So get out there people! Have fun, be a blessing, and make some friends!

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