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How Not to Miss Your Semester

Most seniors I talk to have one semester where when looking back, it's almost like a black hole.

For me, that was fall semester sophomore year.

I don't remember exactly what classes I took or anything memorable from that semester. Nothing stands out.  

Why can't I remember it? What did I miss?

I realized what the issue most likely was just last semester. I let myself get so overwhelmed that I forgot everything else that went on. 

I've realized more and more throughout my years here though, that no matter how overwhelmed you get with school and life, you've got to find the good things and enjoy them. 

Semesters fly by so fast. And I feel like often, as students and people trying to figure out life, we forgot to make each day count. We just rush through them trying to get all our school work done and our lives figured out. We forget to take a breath and think about something good that happened, even if it was a horrible day. To thank God for the little things. To make each day memorable.

I know how it feels like you don’t have time. You have projects, papers, tests, quizzes, something, constantly. How can you stop and make things memorable?

 That’s the thing though.

 You don’t have to stop and spend tons of hours with your friends making memories. It’s about your attitude and your relationship with God.

To make it through each semester’s issues and school work you’ve got to have peace. And to have peace you need to talk to God. My favorite Bible verse is Isaiah 41:13: “For I the LORD thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee.”  

God knows what He’s doing. He knows how stressed you are. He knows you just want it all to fall into place and come together. And He wants you to “Fear not.”

So just hand it over to Him. Cry to Him. Pray to Him. Ask Him for help. He cares about us so deeply. And sometimes when we don’t reach out to Him asking for joy and help, we get to the point that we can’t even remember one memory from a semester. That’s all it takes.

He wants us to enjoy our years here, not forget them. So reach out to God. Ask for peace and joy.

Watch your burdens lift. 

Your semester will still fly by ‘cause that’s just how time is. You’ll remember it though. You’ll remember how God got you through. You’ll remember the good memories you had with your friends because you’ll be enough at peace to enjoy those moments.

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