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Warning! If You Do These 5 Things, You Might Be a Standout Chapel Buddy

We’ve all been there before. 

We’ve asked, “What’s your name? Major? Where are you from?”

We’ve all shared those two to three short minutes of small talk before that all-too-familiar bell rings. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and sometimes Wednesday. We’ve all been chapel buddies.

But have you ever been a standout chapel buddy? Have you ever been a chapel buddy that initiated the conversation? Have you ever gone the extra mile?

If you do these five things below, you could be a standout chapel buddy.* 

1.) Showing up earlier.

You can’t be a standout chapel buddy by showing up at 10:05.

How could you even have time to say “hi” to your chapel buddy? We’re too busy singing the Doxology to do that!

If you show up three to four minutes before chapel begins, you’ve got plenty of time to talk! And, both you and your chapel buddy are usually in your seats by then. (Balcony peeps, give yourself some extra time to get to your seats because stairs are difficult at 10 a.m.)

2.) Doing something nice.

We’ve all had our bad days before. Sometimes we just don’t want to leave our rooms. We wish we could lie in bed rather than go to chapel. But I’ve had chapel buddies that make me glad I went to chapel (the message helped too).

Be that chapel buddy for someone else. Leave a note, take a prayer request, or encourage your chapel buddy to push on.

You only need a little light to brighten someone’s day.

3.) Talking about chapel.

I love talking about new things I come across. Chapel is no exception.

Whether I’m talking about what I got from the chapel message, or I’m laughing about the latest burn from Dr. Adkins, I talk about chapel. Who better to talk to about chapel with than your chapel buddy? You can casually discuss any funny moments that happened or how God spoke to you.

4.) Sharing your passions and goals.

Fun fact: ambition is contagious! We’ve all been infected with it at some time.

Perhaps you’ve come across a fictional character that inspired you to reach your dreams. Maybe a testimony pushed you to that point. I hope that we all have been infected with ambition, otherwise, we’ll be wandering around campus with an unclear direction for the future!

You never know when your chapel buddy will need a good dose of ambition. You have an opportunity to be that! Share how exciting it is to be where God called you! This could motivate your chapel buddy to share ambitions with you as well.

5.) Telling a joke.

Anyone who knows me knows that I adore jokes, especially puns. And everyone responds to jokes, whether it’s the heartiest laugh or the most exasperated groan.

You don’t have to tell a pun (although those are appreciated if you sit by me), but you could at least try a little bit of humor. My previous attempts to make my chapel buddies laugh have worked (although I laugh harder at my jokes than they do). One note: as the receiver of the joke, at least smile to communicate to your chapel buddy that you appreciate the effort!

So there you have it! Five warnings that you might be a standout chapel buddy!

If you have any other ideas on how to be a standout chapel buddy, drop them in the comments below! Or feel free to tell me a joke! I’m sure to smile.

*For those of you who aren’t here yet, chapel buddies are the people who sit on either side of you in your assigned chapel seat. You’ll sit by them for student chapel and student body meetings. Assigned seats allow that huge auditorium to amazingly go from empty to full in under 5 minutes—and give you a chance to meet new friends you might not otherwise get to know.

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