Tips to Kick the Project Season Slump

We have crept into the dreadful, unofficial fifth season… Project Season. The time when you’re not even sure what you are wearing, what you are writing, or what you are eating. Your body is probably gathering most of its nutrients from Ramen and the contents of your coffee cup.

While this can be the most stressful time of the semester, here are a few tips to try that your body will thank you for:

1. Instead of keeping a constant flow of coffee, try drinking some freezing cold, refreshing ice water.

2. Try walking on the treadmill while reading over your notes. I don’t suggest running with notes, but if you do, please video it, so everyone can enjoy it when you fall. Just kidding (kinda).

3. Actually get some sleep! Your body and mind will be much more refreshed if you let it rest then get back to the books.

4. Go to breakfast and eat some brain food. Yes, the Four Winds serves breakfast in case you didn’t know because you sleep until 7:50 for your 8 a.m. class. There are many nutritious choices that will give you a jumpstart on your day.

By adding these tips into your routine, you will soar through your projects instead of sending your body through the Project Season Slump!

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