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Springboard or Sinking Sand?

Wow. Christmas break flew by, and now we’re back in the swing of classes, quizzes, and homework all over again. According to the recent poll taken on campus, most of us spent our break relaxing or working, while others traveled, worked in a ministry, or completed an internship. If you were like me, you got to catch up with family you hadn’t seen in forever, spend way to much time in the kitchen baking, watch your favorite family movies, and read all the books you didn’t have time to during the semester.

In short, my break was very needed—and very awesome! So awesome, in fact, that it was hard to leave home again to come back down to PCC. But whether your break was phenomenal or full of work and studies, don’t start off this spring semester on the wrong foot.

Why? Because it’s a new year, filled with endless opportunities for you to serve God and others, jump into your new schedule with zeal, and make a million memories! Don’t forget that God has brought each of us here for a reason and a season. Christmas break could be your sinking sand that pulls you down right at the beginning of a new chapter; or, it can be your springboard into a brand new year. The choice is yours!

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