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Things You Might Not Know About Becoming A PCC Student…

2016-04-28_08.30.201. You will get your picture taken! Once you check into PCC, you will immediately get your picture taken. That picture will be your ID picture for the rest of your freshman year. I just thought I would warn you so you wouldn't have the wide-eyed, windblown look like I did. I was not a fan of anyone seeing that picture!

2. You will get a mailbox for letters, campus mail, and notifications when you get a package. I check my mail a few times a day looking for that special letter or package notification. A letter from Grandma can make your entire day! Also, make sure to memorize your combination number so that you can always get into your box, and you don't have to look longingly at your item in your box until you can look up the lock combination.

3. You will get an unlimited amount of food to choose from for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at either of the two dining halls, Four Winds and Varsity.

4. You and your roommates will make a plan of action for how to keep your room (hopefully) squeaky clean.

5. You will get access to the gym, water park, ice skating rink, rock wall, bowling alley, swimming pool, and so much more on campus for FREE.

6. You will get to be part of a prayer group where you can share prayer requests and praises.

7. You get to choose a collegian where you can do fun activities with the other people in your collegian. Play sports, have meetings, go on member-only outings (I've gone snorkeling for one!), have game nights, and lots of other interesting things. Honestly, I have probably laughed the hardest when I have gotten with other members from my collegian.

8. You get to hear wonderful chapel messages often. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday PCC students have chapel. On Wednesdays there will be either student body, class meeting, or collegian meeting.

9. You get an assigned chapel seat where you get “chapel buddies.” Yeah! More friends!

10. You will feel overwhelmed at times from classes/work/homework because that’s what college life does, but you are always able to find help from teachers/friends/supervisors.

11. You will be surrounded by people who genuinely care about you.

12. You could get roommates from other countries. I had a roommate from El Salvador and one from the Ukraine. It was so interesting to learn about their lives and cultures.

13. You will make many friends that you will be able to be with for the next four years of your college experience.

14. You become part of the PCC family. You aren't just looking at the college anymore. You are part of it! You share a common bond with all of the other students. You can discuss classes, homework, chapel messages, or student activities with just about anyone on this campus and they will understand EXACTLY what you mean. It's a pretty cool feeling!

I came here just to get an education, but I have gotten so much more. I have gained a deeper relationship with Christ. I have learned an abundance of tools that will prepare me for my future career. I have met friends that have encouraged me and that are a blessing to me. I pray you will be able to enjoy your college experience here as much as I have.

The thoughts and opinions expressed in Life in the Nest are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Pensacola Christian College.
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