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The Freshman 15+

At 18 years old and in my second semester of college, I realized that I was overweight and out of shape. It was a hard reality to accept, but I’m glad I accepted it because it has tremendously changed my life. You see, it was the first ever midnight missions run that we had here on campus that made me really realize how out of shape I was. We were out there running/walking for missions and having a good time, but I was also out there realizing how out of shape I had become. “When was the last time I exercised?” I remember thinking to myself. (Thankfully, I couldn't find any pictures of that night!)

2013 PCC Campus 5K

Fall 2013 PCC Campus 5K

That day was a turning point for me, and I decided that never again would I let myself get so out of shape. I decided that despite the busyness of college life, I was going to set aside time to take care of my body. Starting summer 2013, I began “running.” Now when I say running, let me clarify: I could not even do one mile! In fact, I could not even run half a mile, so I started by running as much as I could and then walking the rest until I had built up the endurance for a single mile.

So why am I telling you this?

The freshman 15+ is a real thing! I can attest to that, but if you pay attention to your diet and focus on exercising, it is possible to leave PCC in better shape than when you came. The Four Winds (dining hall) here on campus provides many healthy options for you to eat. In fact, this is where I developed my strong love for peppers in my salad (and in pretty much everything else, now that I think of it). Not only are there healthy dining options, but there is space set aside for running on campus so there is always a place to go and get some exercise.

After my initial steps into the fitness world, going to the gym here on campus aided in my fitness journey. I took Weight Lifting as a PE elective to learn proper form and have since been using the principles learned in that class to visit the free gym here. They have a 5k every year in addition to the missions run, and you can always go outside to the field and get some exercise. If you’re scared that you’ll be a freshman like me and go two semesters without ever realizing you’re getting out of shape, don’t be! I don’t know how it is at other colleges, but here at PCC they offer so many different options for a healthy lifestyle that the freshman 15+ doesn’t have to apply to you!

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