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Dr. Adkins and Diet Coke

Dr adkins In my opinion, people make a school special. PCC is FULL of amazing faculty and staff. I LOVE running into Pastor McBride, my teachers, and supervisors from work. But, I always love running into Dr. Adkins, a favorite preacher on campus. His ready smile, “Hello,” wave of his hand, and encouraging spirit encourage my heart. He truly cares for us students and shares his heart with us whenever he preaches. I remember when Dr. Adkins came to video chapel to preach to the students who didn’t get to go to chapel at the regular time—that meant so much to us!

Last year, I noticed something: Dr. Adkins is a consistent man. Every weekday, at the same time, he goes to the Commons to buy a Diet Coke. Sometimes he’ll drink it in the Commons and talk to a couple students, or other times he gets his drink and heads back to his office.

Either way, I think this shows his consistency. I also think it was kind of him to let me take a picture of him getting his drink. Anyway, I’m thankful for people like Dr. Adkins and what they do for our student body.

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