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It Was a Dark and Stormy Night…

critical alertSo, as everyone here on campus and the majority of America knows, we had a major thunderstorm blow through our neck of the woods two weeks ago. Now, I have to say, we are quite used to storms; they happen all the time. But this wasn’t your typical thunderstorm—no, this was a lot bigger.

I was actually in the Commons when the storm hit. All day I had been hearing reports of the approaching storm, and I had made up my mind that the Commons was the best place to chill and wait it out. (After all, if something did happen, there’s like a couple days' supply of donuts and sweets up in the Common Grounds that I could live off of.)

The storm hit the campus a little after 8 PM. A good time in advance, the college had sent out mobile alerts to all students telling them to seek shelter, so we were ready for the storm when it came. As soon as it hit, everyone was directed to stay inside while the storm raged around us. One of the supercells of the storm actually passed directly over our campus and formed a tornado only about 5 miles away. Yet God in His Providence protected us from both the tornado and the storm.

Here on campus, no one was injured, and very little was damaged by the superstorm. However, some of the surrounding neighborhoods did receive considerable damage. Although we're thankful that PCC escaped much of the destruction, our hearts go out to those affected by it. Some PCC students are actually planning to help with tornado and storm clean-up in the local community.

To be honest, I really enjoyed the superstorm. I watched the rain pour down, spent time with friends, and thanked God for the shelter that He had provided for us.

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