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A Senior/Freshman What????

It's true: the senior class is hosting a Senior-Freshman Connect in the Common Grounds tonight from 7–9.

You know, as a senior with double-digit days until graduation, I can tell you that college has been quite the crazy journey. As a freshman, I wasn't quite prepared for the journey, but I had upperclassmen who encouraged me to keep on keeping on!  In reality, seniors and freshmen have much in common. Both need encouragement and a whole lot of prayer!

That's where this Senior-Freshman Connect comes in to play. Think about it, senior. You can encourage someone who is facing what you faced not too long ago. And freshman, you'll be a senior before you know it so why not learn what you can now from a senior?

Let's start the semester off by encouraging and uplifting each other! Seniors, we have little time left to make a difference on campus, so make the opportunities count! Let's be a blessing to each other, shall we? It's a walk-in event so feel to come and go as you like 🙂


Photo by Craig Hafer

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