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College is a place to learn. Haha 😉 No, but seriously.

At college, we learn so much. And it’s not just in the classroom. Now it’s true, you may learn how to find x or conjugate Greek verbs. But you will learn a lot of other things in a lot of other places.

For instance, I had to learn how to live on my own. My mom and dad weren’t there to make sure I got to class on time, or did my laundry, or ate three meals a day. I had to learn to be a responsible adult—a lesson that was not taught in a classroom.

Not only did I learn in a residence hall room, but also in Campus Church. We do have Bible class, but there is something special you learn by just sitting down and being completely focused on the preacher’s sermon. Even in ministry opportunities, there is something to be learned. For me, while working with a four-year-old class, I learned how to give a Bible lesson and teach a Bible verse.

Probably the most interesting place that taught me outside a classroom was my jobs on campus. I have been all over the place. I’ve worked in child care, a print shop, a distribution center, and a customer service center. All of these places have taught me so many things that I know I will probably never learn in a classroom. In child care, I learned how to manage a room full of children. In the print shop and distribution center, I learned how to be meticulous and precise. Even in customer service, I learned the proper etiquette for talking on the phone.

As I said before, college is a place to learn—but not all learning comes from a classroom. Throughout your college experience, you will find many other places and instances that will teach you, and they may be outside the classroom.

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