College Life

I Shall Return

About midway through summer, strange thoughts begin to pop into my head. I may arrive at home after a long day at work while my siblings are away at soccer games, leaving our house unusually empty. I sit down on the couch to rest my sore heels, and I try to think of things to do.

Since I live in a rural area, the options are rather limited. Unless my favorite baseball team is playing a Saturday matinée, I may have trouble finding something interesting to do.

My mind then shifts to thoughts of the past college year and wondering how my friends are faring. If I'm not careful, I may accidentally find myself looking forward to the fall.

Suddenly my brain slaps itself back into a logical state. "Stop it, Sean!" it says. "Summer's not over yet, and once it's over, it won't be back for more than a year." I realize the prudence of this train of thought and walk to the kitchen, where I can make the most of my remaining summer downtime.

But even so, I occasionally dip into that frame of mind when I look forward to seeing my friends and continuing on the path to a hoped-for career beyond my summer job.

Summer's a cherished time, but I can't help but admit that I look forward to the autumnal return to PCC.

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