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Don’t Give Away the Ending!

Each semester at PCC, students present two dramatic productions. One is usually an anthology with a certain theme, such as Christmas, mystery, or adventure. The other is a play all to itself, such as the recent years' productions of M'Liss and Meet Me In St. Louis. These classic stories present humor, drama, and surprise that sometimes rivals the more extravagant Fine Arts plays. This semester, the students will present the classic Agatha Christie mystery The Mousetrap.

The Mousetrap is the longest running play in history, having been performed regularly since its first showing in 1952 in London. Many students are probably unfamiliar with one particular tradition that has existed as long as the play. Because The Mousetrap is a mystery story, the ending is obviously a tremendous secret. Therefore, following performances of The Mousetrap, viewers are traditionally asked not to give away the ending in order to preserve the mystery. You might know the ending from a performance outside PCC, or maybe you have read the short story on which the play was based. Be sure to keep tight lips around those who don't know so that The Mousetrap will catch them off guard!

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