Beyond the Classroom

A teacher's job is to teach, right? Give lectures, tests, quizzes--the usual classroom stuff. Maybe help us with homework or projects, and that's it. They do their duties, and we go on our way.

Here at PCC, the teachers genuinely care and look out for us.

For me, that really all started back with History and Political Science camp during 10th grade. There was one particular camp leader who stood out to me,  and three years later, I sat in that same teacher's History of Civilization class.  To my surprise, he remembered me from camp  and was happy to see me here as a student. That Christmas, he even wrote me a letter of recommendation for a special internship.

Of course, as you would expect, my English and writing teachers are very important to me, and they do everything to help me with my writing projects as a Professional Writing major. Their kindness and dedication shows very well outside the classroom, and I know I can rely on my teachers for help at all times.

PCC's faculty does more than just lecture in the classroom and give tests. They are there for you when you need them and will always be willing to help.  Whether it's a difficult assignment or a simple talk, they will be there to give you guidance and help you succeed both personally and professionally.

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