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Ice Cream on a Hot Day

What's better than ice cream on a hot day? Nothing, that's what. When you reach that point when you're sweating as soon as you step outside and you know that your internal body temperature has risen at least five degrees, that's when you need some ice cream. Nothing quite refreshes you like ice cream on a hot day.

This year's Bible Conference was like ice cream on a hot day. We had just finished up midterms, and I was worn out, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Last Wednesday, I finished my last midterm at ten o'clock, went to my collegian meeting, ran by the annual Bible Conference picnic to grab some tasty food (including ice cream), and went back to my room to settle in for a nice long nap. That took care of any physical exhaustion. However, the best part was still to come.

That night, the first services of the Bible Conference began with messages by Dr. Shane Lewis and Dr. Johnny Pope. Over the next two days, we heard eleven messages by these two men and Dr. Marc Monte. These incredible men of God brought messages on developing our walk with God, increasing our faith, and loving others among many other topics. Each message both convicted and encouraged me. I think this year was the best Bible Conference ever. . . but I have said that every year since I've been in college.

Now that Bible Conference has ended, I'm looking forward to the rest of the semester, feeling refreshed and ready to jump back into things. I've still got papers and projects, quizzes and tests left, but now they don't seem quite so overwhelming. I'm so thankful for the opportunity that Bible Conference provided me to recharge so I can finish the rest of the semester well.

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