Assigning a Mission

Hello, I’m Sean, a new blogger for the Campus Post. I’m a sophomore professional writing major from Illinois. I was homeschooled using A Beka Academy videos, as are my five younger siblings back home. Here at PCC, I work at the Four Winds dining hall’s dish room, where I witness many unusual and occasionally artful arrangements of leftovers including sliced-apple swans and pancake and sausage pastiches. As interesting as those things are, however, I prefer to spend most of my time studying in the Commons, reading magazines in the library, or catching up with friends that I’ve missed during breaks. I look forward to writing for you this semester.

I always assign myself a mission at the start of a semester, although sometimes the mission is different. Once it was to meet more friends (which was achieved); another was to achieve a 4.0 semester GPA (which was not). This semester, my goal is to strengthen my relationship with God. While I haven't always succeeded at the goals I have set, I have benefited from the lessons learned in each mission.

I encourage you to assign yourself a mission for this semester. Write it in a calendar for the date the semester ends so that when you finish, you can assess your semester. I hope that when summer arrives, both you and I can write “Mission Accomplished” on that day.

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