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Christmas in the Commons

"Wow! That was fast!"

Those four words were the first from my mouth when I saw the giant Christmas tree and all of the decorations in the Commons. I also thought Wasn't Thanksgiving just a few days ago?

At PCC, we catch the Christmas spirit very quickly.  Some of us are even too eager to wait to celebrate until after Thanksgiving! In fact, just the day after Thanksgiving, the Commons was in the Christmas spirit with the giant tree and the stairway decorations. Every time I pass by the Commons, there's an energetic group of friends getting their photograph in front of the tree to show their family and friends back home.

The Christmas spirit is everywhere on campus, and it's certainly not hard to miss. Whether it's a tree in the Commons or students exchanging gifts with one another, Christmas has come to PCC, and we make the best of our time left to celebrate with our friends.

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