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A Trip to the Art Museum

I'm not much of an artist. My drawing is as basic as basic can be, but that's okay. Writing is my craft, and drawing and painting are another's. That's why PCC offers the studio art and graphic design majors.

The art and design students' best artwork is framed and displayed in the Visual and Performing Arts building galleries. In many ways, going to the VPA is like a trip to an art museum, but the only difference is that most of the artwork on display is made by students!

Senior art majors and graduate art students prepare shows that display their best works. From portraits to scenes in nature, student artists put so much time, love, and dedication into their masterpieces.  Our galleries display their years of hard work and creativity for all to see.

And when there aren't senior or graduate art shows to display, the galleries become a museum to the best student pieces, handpicked for our annual Commencement Contest. From painting to photography, the various contest categories show the best of student art not only for the student body and the graduating seniors, but also for the many friends and families celebrating this occasion.

The museum-like galleries show everyone the joys, sorrows, and laughs of life through beautiful artwork.  Even if art has never appealed to you, the student art galleries are certainly a must-see!

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