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We go to college in Florida, so the sun is always shining, and the temperature never drops below 75 degrees, right? Wrong. Even Pensacola has its rainy days. However, I've got some good news. I finally figured out exactly what it takes to conquer the Pensacola rainy day. Now, some would argue that all of these items might not be necessary, but I know if you have all of these things, you'll never dread seeing that thundercloud again.

First of all, you need a small umbrella to carry in your book bag at all times. Sometimes, I'll check the weather forecast in the morning to see a 0% chance of rain for the day. . . only to leave my second hour class to find out that 0% chance of rain can evidently mean 100% chance of rain. However, when these unexpected showers arrive, if you have your handy-dandy, backup umbrella nestled away in the depths of your book bag, you'll find that you suddenly have more friends than you ever imagined. Now, in case you have a small book bag with limited space, I hear that a trash bag will work just as nicely. Cut some holes for your arms, and you're set to brave the rain. . .  okay, maybe using a trash bag is a little bit of a stretch, so just be sure to squeeze that small umbrella into your bag.

Second, you need a BIG umbrella. The bigger the better. This essential item won't get used too often, but when it does, you'll be ecstatic that you have one. This is for the days when you look outside your window to see what looks like a small monsoon developing. In this weather, no small, ordinary umbrella will do. This umbrella will be big enough to shield you and all of your friends from any sideways rain that tries to sneak in.

Third, you need some dependable rain shoes. This doesn't necessarily mean rain boots, although I hear they work quite nicely. These just need to be some shoes that you couldn't care less if they get wet. My favorite pair of rain shoes is a pair that I've had since I was a sophomore in high school. They've gotten me through all sorts of rain storms here at PCC. Sure, they might have a little hole or two in them, but that just adds character. Just remember, after you take off your rain shoes for the day, don't throw them under your roommate's bed and forget about them. That might get a little smelly.

Finally, you can always use a good raincoat. This is for the times when it's not really raining hard enough to go through all the effort to pull out your umbrella, but a little protection might be nice. Throw up that hood, and you don't even have to worry about your hair getting messed up.

Now that I've figured out to keep these four handy items around, I don't even dread it when I see a rainy day pop up on the forecast. So the next time you're thoroughly prepared for the rain storm that's looming on the horizon, make a friend and share your umbrella. You never know how you can make that shower a blessing to someone else.

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