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Seniors and Hamburgers

Anyone who’s known me for a length of time has heard my hamburger-man-theory.

Here it is:

I know–I know!–there is a man hired at every burger joint who brings a dead weight down on every hamburger in the line, smashing the puffy bread before… *ding ding*, it’s wrapped and served.

Now I’m not persecuting hamburgers—I’m just saying they look nothing like the billboard. And so I’ve spent most of my life being gravely disappointed by hamburgers.

Now, let me ask you a question: What do hamburgers and college seniors have in common?

I don’t know. If you thought of something, please share it with me. At any rate, I do prefer sincerity in both of them. Sincere hamburgers look like the picture; sincere seniors are on the lookout to help those out who haven't been around as long!

I remember coming in as a freshman—I didn’t know a single person. I didn’t know what the Lyceum was or why there was a fountain on the Varsity terrace. I didn’t know elevator etiquette either, or to pack an umbrella on a sunny day.

But I can still name the upperclassmen who genuinely invested in me and who “showed me the ropes” during that transition into college. Before coming, I’d heard phrases like “helpful student body,” or “genuine interaction,” but I wasn’t sure what that meant until I experienced it.

The upperclassmen who helped me out were “the real deal.”

On a personal note–I AM a senior now. All that really means is that I've finally realized how little I know, and how much learning I've got left to do in life. You can't help but help other people when you're always needing so much help yourself. 🙂

Let that encourage you—whether you are a senior, a freshman, or just looking at the college! The heartbeat of the student body is obvious the moment you step foot on campus—we're here to help out!

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