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This semester, I got to do something that every education major looks forward to with a mixture of excitement and dread—I got to create my first bulletin board. It's exciting to get to do a "teacher thing," but also a little scary because the bulletin board carries a significant part of my grade. I had seen so many people before me do this: have an idea, search for materials, staple everything carefully to a cork board and then upload triumphant pictures to Facebook. Finally, it was my turn.

There were so many questions to be answered! What concept would I teach with my bulletin board? What age were the imaginary students for whom I was creating it? What colors should I use?

I decided to reinforce the concepts of mean, median, and mode with a board titled "The M&M's of Math." This board is meant for a seventh grade math classroom.

And here it is!

Putting up my first bulletin board was more fun than I ever could have imagined. And besides, what could be better than getting to color a picture for homework? I love being an education major.

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