To Have Power or to Cower?

What does it take to have the power of God? I don't know how God has empowered you, but God has empowered me this semester through chapel. I have been encouraged by men such as Pastor McBride and other godly speakers.

First, one chapel speaker spoke about the biblical requirements for being a man. Courage, strength, endurance, and compassion—these words, even now, ring true like a bell in my thoughts.

Next, Pastor McBride encouraged us to be faithful. Faithfulness is not easy. Faithfulness, at times, is not even enjoyable. What Pastor McBride's message did for me was strengthen my fortitude for the semester. While I sat among the rest of the students during that chapel, my heart was pricked, and my spirit was challenged when he asked, "Why are you doing what you are doing?" God has called me into the ministry; that's why I am here doing what I am doing. What am I doing? Trusting God through the difficult circumstances, as Paul and Timothy did.

Life was never promised to be easy, but a life with Christ is very rewarding. The chapel messages have helped me to see that this semester, enlightening my eyes when they were blinded by the fear of the circumstances around me. Therefore, I leave you with this thought.

It may seem easy to quit

And preferable to retreat,

But the Lamp is lit,

Which guides our very feet.

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