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High Heels vs. High Tops

Growing up in a family of mostly girls, there were always a lot of shoes in the house. My dad would often joke with us about how many shoes we have. Each time we would come home with a smile on our face and a box of new shoes in tow, without fail, he would lovingly exclaim, “Oh no! Not more shoes!” and then ask us why we “needed” this new pair of shoes. We would always explain to him how there are different pairs for different seasons, different colors for different outfits, different styles for different occasions, and just all around different functions for each pair of shoes.

While each pair of shoes serves a different purpose, they are equally important. I wouldn't want to be wearing high heels on the basketball court, for example, and likewise I wouldn't want to be wearing high tops to Sunday morning church. Are the high tops less important than the high heels? I don't think so; they simply serve a different purpose.

Just as different shoes serve a different purpose, here at college, each major serves a different purpose in equipping people to serve in the body of Christ. A music major, for example, is not any less important than a nursing major. They simply will be serving God through different avenues in society. That’s pretty cool to think about! Just as high tops and high heels are both shoes, a Christian musician and a Christian nurse are both Christians, first and foremost. I had a teacher in high school who said it this way:

“I am a Christian who happens to be an author, not an author who happens to be Christian.”

As you look into different majors and are preparing for what God has you to do with your life, just remember that we are all part of the body of Christ. While society may look at different occupations as “better” than others, every job is important. Whether God calls you to be a doctor or a stay-at-home mom, both are vital parts of the body of Christ. If God calls you to be something, don't shy away from it because you think of it as a lesser calling; every member in the body of Christ is important.

“For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body: so also is Christ.” Romans 12: 12

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