Engineering Competition

On Saturday, April 12, 2014, Pensacola Christian College put on the 22nd Engineering Competition. Five teams designed and built robots that were intended to be able to extinguish a flame, disarm a device, and clean up a hazardous spill.

I personally have had no experience with the engineering department and found it quite interesting to see what students in other fields have learned to do while here at PCC. Students used iPhones as cameras on their robots, created robots to be able to move forward and backward, cut wire, and do all sorts of other things that I, as an advertising major, have never learned how to do!

As I stood there on a beautiful Saturday morning, I realized how different the “world” of an engineering student here at PCC is from mine as an advertising major. While I spend much of my time in business and art classes, they have been learning how to build and control robots, how to put things together, and have been gaining knowledge in a realm totally outside where my focus has been.

While I may not have understood all of the technical aspects that went into the Engineering Competition, it opened my mind to a whole other world here on campus!

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