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And the Winner Is . . .

Once again, it's that time of year. I like to think of it as "competition season." The spring semester at PCC can get very competitive for many students. Freshman nursing students are competing for the highest grades to stay in their program (one of the reasons we have such a great nursing program), while others are striving to win the Vision Scholarship. Elections are held for many offices on campus; collegians, classes, and the student body will dub new presidents, choristers, and chaplains for the upcoming year.

Perhaps some of the most exciting competitions rest in the form of Commencement Contest. Students from almost every major have the opportunity to compete in areas such as instrumental, vocal, speech, art, writing, and more. Anyone can audition, but only two students are chosen in each area to compete in the ultimate competition. At the end of the year, the winners are able to perform in front of the entire student body in a special ceremony.

It's fun to compete and give the skills a go, but honestly it's even more exciting to watch others utilize their God-given talents. The winners perform some awesome pieces. It's easy to forget how much talent is represented on this campus, but Pensacola Christian College has an awesome student body; I'm blessed just to be one small part of it. When it comes to competition on campus, like what you might've heard me say several times before--it's just fun to get involved.

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