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An Artsy Sort of Night

I remember staying up late with all my brothers and scribbling across the walls with crayons to surprise Mom. Boy, was she surprised. We stayed up late the next night as well, to scrub it all off with dish soap and old toothbrushes.

Years went by, and I was recently able to resurrect those ancient wall-art skills at PCC, painting a mural on our temporary walls that cover up the construction in the Commons.

The Shoemakers held a wall mural contest among all our collegians. The idea was that the top three designs would be painted across our temporary walls until the walls are taken down upon the completion of the Commons building renovation. Three collegians won: the Mustangs, the Chargers, and the Rockets! (The Rockets is my collegian. So there's my plug. Go Rockets! Ra ra ra.)

Anyway, all three collegians spent Friday evening into the early hours of Saturday morning designing, eating pizza, taking pictures with the Shoemakers, and mostly lots and lots of painting!

Check out some of the photos below, and come to the Commons yourself to see some great student artwork and creativity!

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