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Perks of Going to PCC

My family up in Pennsylvania keeps reminding me that the rest of the United States' weather is not as nice as the weather in Pensacola. They send me pictures showing the temperature as 1 degree Fahrenheit, or they’ll show me a picture of my backyard or driveway covered in snow. I sympathize with them, I really do, but I also like to let them know that the weather here in Pensacola is much nicer than what most of the United States has been dealing with. They’ll send me a text telling me they’re snowed in for the day, and what am I doing when I get this text?  Sitting outside, enjoying the warm Florida sunshine with my study buddy, Katie!

Now I’ll admit Pensacola weather is not always wonderful! We have our own struggles. We had our own snow day a month ago, we have sideways rain, and we have weather that changes from 70 to 30 in just a few hours. But in comparison to the weeks on end of constant snow up in Pennsylvania, I’ll take the small inconveniences of Pensacola weather. The awesome warm, sunshiny weather here is definitely one of the perks of going to college at PCC.

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